• Iryna Roslyk National Metallurgical Academy of Ukraine, Dnipro, Ukraine
  • Galina Galchenko National Metallurgical Academy of Ukraine, Dnipro, Ukraine
Keywords: pump and compressor pipes, gas wells, corrosion, inhibitors, corrosion protection


Purpose. The research was aimed to select materials for gas wells strings and methods of corrosion protection for use in CO2-containing environments.
Methods. Electrochemical tests of foam sticks inhibitors brand SE-231-K (BHR) and ACL-060 were carried out with electrochemical method.
Corrosion behavior was investigated by polarization potentiodynamic. Polarization curves were determined with IPC-Pro potentiostat apparatus (with built-in microprocessor and access to a personal computer) at 0,2 mV/s scan rate. The potential was recorded in comparison with the chloride silver electrode, translating data into a standard hydrogen scale. As an auxiliary electrode, a platinum electrode was used. During the experiment, the mixing of the solution was carried out using a magnetic stirrer.
Results. Analysis of the efficient of corrosion inhibitors in the natural gas extraction on Lutsenkivske gas condensate deposit wells has been carried out. Corrosion inhibitors are recommended, which protect the still surface from corrosion.
Originality. It has been found for the first time that the effectiveness of protection of corrosion-resistant tubing in packer wells of the Lutsenko gas condensate field was determined using foam sticks based on imidazoline, in particular ACL-060 inhibitors.
Practical implications. The results of the work can be used to protect the surface of the tubing from sweet corrosion.


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Roslyk, I., & Galchenko, G. (2021). EXPERIENCE IN THE USING OF CORROSION-RESISTANT STEELS AND EFFICIENT CORROSION INHIBITORS FOR STRINGS IN GAS WELLS . Metallurgical and Ore Mining Industry, (1), 49-56. https://doi.org/10.34185/0543-5749.2021-1-49-56