Journal's history

The history of the magazine dates back to 1960, when the Central Bureau of Technical Information under the Ministry of Ferrous Metallurgy of the Ukrainian SSR began to issue a specialized specialized publication “Metallurgical and Ore Mining Industry”. The magazine was published once every three months. It published materials on the scientific and technological achievements of the metallurgical and mining complexes of the Ukrainian SSR, articles on the exchange of advanced production experience, on the development of new technologies, new equipment and types of products. For many years the journal was personally supervised by the Minister of Ferrous Metallurgy of the Ukrainian SSR, Kulikov Y.

After Ukraine gained independence, in 1991 the state Ukrainian Research Institute of Information and Technical and Economic Research (SRI "Ukrmetallurginform") was established. An experienced organizer and reputable metallurgist Anatoly Grinev was appointed director of the Ukrmetallurginform Research Institute. The publication of the journal Metallurgical and Mining Industry was transferred to the newly created institute.

Subsequently, the Research Institute “Ukrmetallurginform” was transformed into a Limited Liability Company (LLC “Research Institute“ Ukrmetallurginform ”). Until 2019, the editor-in-chief of the magazine was A. Grinev, professor of National metallurgical academy of Ukraine. The result of his many years of creative work was a radical change in the magazine from production to scientific and technical, which published the results of scientific research in various fields of metallurgy and mining, as well as the experience of introducing new technologies and equipment. As a result, the magazine was in demand both in scientific institutions and in the city and metallurgical enterprises of Ukraine, the CIS and abroad. Merit of the chief editor A. Grinev there was a consolidation around the magazine of famous scientists and practitioners who have been and are still in the editorial board and scientific and technical council of the journal: Grischenko S.G., Pliskanovsky S.T., Gasik M.I., Mazur V.L. Zrazhevsky A.D., Bulat A.F., Kutsin BC, Efremov E.I., Stalinskyi D.V., Sergeev V.V., Bolshakov V.I., Uzlov I.G., Pilov P.I., Ben T.G., Dovbnya S. B., Lesovoy V.V., Tarakanov A.K., Okhotsky V. B., Nizyaev K.G., Starovoit A.G., Dolzhansky AM, Danchenko V.N. , Kutsova V.Z., Khrychikov V.E., Balakin V.F., Pinchuk S.I., Primachenko V.V., Gizenko N.V., Korol R.N. ., Chetverik M.S., Peregudov V.V., Gubinsky V.I., Goncharov Yu.V., Kovalchuk K.F., Sokurenko V.P., Uchytel A.D., Kryachko A.P., Bobylev V.P., Noskov V.A., Shmatkov G.G., Krivchenko Yu.S.

In accordance with the order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine No. 32 dated 01/15/2018 on the "Procedure for the formation of the list of scientific professional publications of Ukraine", the journal "Metallurgical and mining industry was re-registered and entered the category" b "of the list of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine in a number of specialties. In accordance with the requirements of the order, the composition of the editorial board and the chief editor were changed. Honored Metallurgist of Ukraine, laureate of state prizes prof. Grinev A.F. continues to work actively in the journal as an honorary editor in chief.