Peer-review process

The purpose of reviewing articles submitted to the journal is to increase the scientific and literary level of publications, to ensure the implementation of ethical standards generally accepted in the international scientific community.

The review includes the following sections:

  • primary control over the implementation of requirements for the design and structure of articles, their compliance with the subject of the journal, is carried out by the chief editor and executive secretary of the journal
  • The assessment of the scientific content and literary processing of the article is carried out by two reviewers, who are well-known experts on the subject of the article. One of the reviewers, as a rule, is included in the editorial board or council of the journal, the second reviewer is an external one, which is recommended by the editor-in-chief of the journal.

Reviewing is carried out anonymously - reviewers do not receive information about the personal data of the authors of the article, but authors of the article about the data of reviewers.

 The following data is reflected in the review:

  • article title,
  • the nature of the publication (scientific, industrial, review),
  • relevance (yes, no)
  • recommendation for publication (recommended for publication, recommended for publication in discussion order, recommended for publication after revision, not recommended for publication)
  • comments of the reviewer (if necessary)
  • data about the reviewer, his signature and date.

In case of a negative review, the reviewer is obliged to justify the refusal to publish in the journal.

The decision to publish the article is made by the editorial board based on reviews. The decision of the editorial board is sent to the authors of the article.

After the authors of the article received a positive decision of the editorial board on the publication of the article, in accordance with the public offer agreement on the provision of editorial preparation and replication of the article in the Metallurgical Gambling Industry magazine (the agreement is available on the website of the magazine and the website publisher the invoice is sent to the authors for the services ordered (editing, proofreading, typesetting, translation, replication) in accordance with the volume of the article. An article is published after payment to the publisher’s bank account. Estimated cost of publishing 1 page 100-200 UAH, depending on the services ordered.